Bohol City Attractions

Flushing Meadows Resorts and Playground

Punta Cruz, Bell Tower and Mag-aso Falls

Flushing Meadows Resorts & Playground - Punta Cruz, Bell Tower and Mag-aso Falls

Round Trip Transportation:


Php 2,500 (1-3 persons)


Php 3,200 (max 12 persons)


Php 5,500 (up to 26 persons)

Mini Bus

Php 7,500 (up to 33 persons)


Php 8,000 (up to 55 persons)



-Waiting charge in excess of 4 hours = Php200/hour/car & van; Php400/hour/coaster & bus

Punta Cruz Watchtower


The Watchtower in Punta Cruz, Maribojoc town is located 14 kilometers from Tagbilaran City and is made of stone. A wooden cross is planted in a slightly indented area in front of the tower. According to legend, the cross has been enchanted with a mysterious spell that had saved many people from the ravages of pirates. The cross is said to extend its arms to the sea, preventing marauders. The tower, which has windows that overlook nearby islands Cebu and Siquijor and Mindanao Sea, served as a lookout for pirates